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Gwam & McBean Securities

Our Business

Gwam & McBean Securities is a leading global securities house that provides innovative, unconflicted strategic and bespoke services to a diverse client base. We offer our clients a comprehensive globally integrated financial advisory service across all major industry sectors. We have clients from eleven geographic locations in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Our performance is measured not by short-term results but by the long-term satisfaction of our clients.

Our services

We offer a diverse range of services in the following asset classes.

FX Options Advisory and Execution

Bond Advisory and Execution

Equities Advisory and Execution

Crypto currency Advisory & Execution

Securing Custodial Services

Sharia mortgage sourcing and Real estate Advisory

Our Services

To ensure ZERO conflict of interests our clients always come first. Our priority is to enable our clients to achieve the best results for their trading. Gwam&McBean Securities also strives to work with clients to find the optimal solutions for their investment or hedging needs. In challenging markets, we are committed to helping clients achieve the very best execution terms on every trade. We look to minimise market impact and provide privacy both by using non-traditional pools and by blending orders into the market alongside others from our extensive global customer base. At Gwam&McBean Securities we use a large source of liquidity that affords our aggressive pricing and cost efficiency.  Our long standing relationships means we are positioned to offer our clients access to FX liquidity from multiple execution venues. Please visit our transactions section.

We structure, advise and execute customized financing solutions on all aspects of public and private debt transactions. Financing solutions address a broad range of issues like project financing, refinancing, buyouts. Our independence and objectivity, coupled with our direct and long-standing institutional buy-side relationships, inform our market views and strengthen the quality of our execution, leading to successful transactions for our clients. To learn more about our Bond Advisory and executions capabilities, please visit our transactions section.

We focus on adding value to clients through in-depth company and industry research. The expanse of our coverage (400+ companies) helps us identify subtle nuances that dictate sector-based trends. The rich experience of our analysts facilitates a better understanding of industry dynamics, through multiple channel checks thereby providing a more balanced and objective view on companies under coverage. To learn more about our Equities Advisory and executions capabilities, please visit our transactions section.

We structure advise and execute customized solutions on all aspects of procuring (buying or mining), secure storage, trading  or spending of crypto currencies (coins as well as tokens) and their derivatives.  Our strong technical, market  and regulatory understanding of the Crypto ecosystem enables us to execute secure and  informed bets (long term and short term) in the crypto ecosystem. Please visit our transactions section.

We assist clients with securing custodial services for their share or bond certificates to be dematerialised. To learn more about our Securing Custodial services capabilities, please visit our transactions section.

We work with an increasing number of institutional investors mainly family offices who invest in Real estate via Sharia loans. With our extensive networks, coupled with our direct and long-standing relationships with sharia mortgage lenders we are able to deliver both on the Sharia structured debt and also high income yielding real estate investments. To learn more about our Sharia mortgage sourcing and Real estate Advisory, please visit our transactions section.


Sharia Structured Real state
bond advisory and execution, including securing custodial services
Execution and Advisory on FX derivative hedging programs to retail and institutional clients
Trend and market analysis for clients to ensure opportune times to transact.

This includes monitoring geopolitical and interest rates risks inherent in FX transactions.

Illiquid currency transaction of hard to access emerging market currencies.

Our Expertise


Middle East expertise

European expertise

senior leadership

Oliver GWAM

Managing Partner

Oliver Gwam is a Managing Partner at Gwam & McBean Securities where he focuses on Emerging Debt and FX advisory on MENA region clients. Mr. Gwam has over a decade experience within the asset management and investment advisory sector. Previously he worked in a German commodities house as a Senior Market Risk Adviser. Prior to that he worked at Pace Capital Hedge fund as an Investment analyst. He extensively covered the UK banks and property developers. Oliver began his career at a boutique bond house where he worked in bond sales. Specialising in the origination and sales of sub-prime mortgage loans. Mr. Oliver Gwam holds a Bsc. Computer Science degree from University of Westminster London and has passed levels 1 and 2 of the CFA program. Mr Gwam has regularly attended the World Economic forum in Davos since 2017.

Andrew McBean,

Managing Partner

Andrew McBean is a Managing Partner at Gwam & McBean Securities where he focuses on FX  advisory, FX options and FX Executions. He has more than a decade experience trading FX Options. He has worked in London, Singapore, Zurich and New York.


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